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:pointl:Organization Eternal:pointr:

:bulletyellow::bulletblack:  rules for joining :bulletblack::bulletyellow:

OE Discotd chat ORG ETERNAL RP


~-~-~-~-~-~ NEWS ~-~-~-~-~-~

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: 10/1 - Happy Spooptober, everyone!
:bulletgreen:New Request Board mission: Cargo Carry!!!
:bulletgreen:Mission Bonus: Double EXP for Halloween Town world forms! (If you've already submitted, send in some character art in your costume to earn the extra EXP!)
:bulletgreen:Extended event A New Threat is still in play. 1/?? Garland Reports Unlocked!

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: 10/2 - Mission update!!! Mission 10a in central hub (Rare Item Run) is now a game!  I'm planning on doing some more of these little minigames for missions, as I get around to making them, and do some more work to flesh them out.  For now, submit mission 5a to unlock it, and give it a shot! (Be sure to download the RTP for it first or it won't run)
:bulletgreen: EXP updated

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: 10/21 - Mission update!!! Mission 5a is ALSO now a game!  Now you don't have to complete a combat mission (which I know are the least popular) in order to access the Mogxy Missions! Instead, you can just clear this little mini game instead, and get access to the next game too!  (Again be sure to get the RTP first).  Check out the Central Hub missions for links!

~-~-~-~-~-~ CONTESTS & EVENTS ~-~-~-~-~-~

:new:A New Threat:new:

Attention Eternalites!

We have become aware of a new threat facing the Realm of Light.  Several extremely powerful Pureblood Heartless have broken through from the Realm of Darkness and have established themselves on worlds in the Realm of Light.  Those in the know across the worlds have come to call them The Archfiends.

We know little about them yet, but we do know where they are currently, and that they have covered themselves in a veil of Darkness that cannot yet be pierced.  Heartless are spewing out from these veils and are terrorizing the worlds they’ve settled on.  We want you to travel to these worlds and investigate.  But be warned: numerous Heartless have gathered around these dark veils, and it will be difficult to explore without engaging in them.  Be ready for a fight!

One more thing: another Heartless has appeared alongside these Archfiends.  We do not yet know their connection, but they only began to appear after the Archfiends arrived.  They are powerful knightly type Emblem Heartless dubbed Garlands at the heads of legions of Armored Knights and Lance Soldiers.  Beware them as well, but keep your eye out for them!

Select a world to scout, and you will receive further instructions for your mission.

-I. Xiron

[This will be a four-part canon event, spanning several worlds.  Choose any one of the four worlds below; this will determine the course your mission will take.  You may choose any of them, regardless of who else has picked which, though once you have begun, you must follow along that path.  The next steps will be made known as you complete them.]

Part 1: Scouting the Dark Veils

:bulletblack::bulletyellow:Darkness in the Manor Ruins:bulletyellow::bulletblack:
One of the Archfiends has settled in Halloween Town, forming its impenetrable Dark Veil in the ravine where Oogie Boogie’s manor once stood.  Clear out 25 Driller Mole Heartless from the area, and find a good stake-out spot to observe from!
:pointr:EXP: 15

:bulletblack::bulletred:Darkness in the Desert:bulletred::bulletblack:
One of the Archfiends has settled in Agrabah, forming its impenetrable Dark Veil in the endless desert beyond the city walls.  Clear out 25 Fiery Globe Heartless from the area and find a good stake-out spot to observe from!
:pointr:EXP: 15

:bulletblack::bulletblue:Darkness in the Open Ocean:bulletblue::bulletblack:
One of the Archfiends has settled in Atlantica, forming its impenetrable Dark Veil in the deep sea where the sea witch Ursula met her demise.  Clear out 25 Icy Cube Heartless from the area and find a good stake-out spot to observe from!
:pointr:EXP: 15

:bulletblack::bulletgreen:Darkness on the Cathedral Roof:bulletgreen::bulletblack:
One of the Archfiends has settled in La Cite des Cloches, forming its impenetrable Dark Veil on the Roof of Notre Dame. Clear out 25 Hook Bat Heartless from the area and find a good stake-out spot to observe from!
:pointr:EXP: 15

~Ongoing Events~

:bulletblue: Become the Nobody!
Our on-going cosplay event worth 50 EXP.  See the Events page for more details.

~-~-~-~-~-~ MISSIONS ~-~-~-~-~-~

| Missions Center |
| [Central Hub] | [Advanced Hub] |

:pointr:Advanced Hub still under construction

:pointr:REQUEST BOARD:pointl:

To anyone who reads this!
Our clock is broken!  We can't have Halloween if our beloved Countdown Clock doesn't tell us how long we have left!  Please, anyone, go to New Year's Town and get us two new clock hands before Halloween is over!
-The Duly Appointed, Citizen Elected Mayor of Halloween Town

:pointr:Go to New Year's Town, find 2 clock hands, and deliver them to the Mayor :bulletyellow:EXP - 20

:bulletblue:Temporary Mission Available!
Mission – Recrowning the Kings
Visit the Missions Center for details!

-Only ONE world remains to be claimed for this mission:
:pointr:The Grid -…
:pointr:Twilight Town - - claimed by Xelice!
:bulletyellow: EXP: 35

Please read our journals before attempting to join.
Do not comment requesting to join.  Send us a note with your completed Character Sheet, or with any questions you may have.
Thank you.
More Journal Entries


Our Fellow Organization and Kingdom Hearts Related Clubs. Show them some love.



All members are required to have a character

*~~* ABOUT US *~~*



About Us & FAQ


Eternal Wikia


Official Members List


Missions Center

Contests & Events






OE chat 2

Org Eternal Charat rp room


Group Info

Organization Eternal: We are more that just an Organization XIII Roleplaying fanclub. We are a close-knit community of friends and companions.

An Introduction
20 years after the fall of Xemnas and Organization XIII, a young man and his love fell to the Heartless. The man awoke to find himself a Nobody, and his love a lowly Dusk. He vowed to find a way to return her heart. And so, like Xemnas before him, he created an Organization of Nobodies.

This first Organization failed, but the young man, Raxen, with his right hand man Xiron, and the Dusk-girl Amaya, persevered and created a second Organization while others were springing up around them. Focused in Memory's Skyscraper on the World that Never Was, they called themselves Organization Eternal.

After a string of unfortunate events, Our leader has left us, to be replaced by Xirak, who now runs the day to day happenings of the Organization. Our mission has changed with our leadership.

Mission Statement
To bring peace to the worlds. With many keyblade groups, and even the radiant garden SeeDs, there is no shortage of warriors to the realm of light. What of the Outworlds? Or worlds lost to darkness that only we may find? Xirak believes that we can become the warriors of In-between. Guardians that sow friendship between whole beings and nobodies alike.
Our mission is to spread the word that Nobodies can be trusted, and that forming friendships help us regrow our lost hearts.

Some Important Facts
Here are a few important facts about our canon that you will want to look over before joining.
:bulletblack: OE takes place more than 20 years after the downfall of Organization XIII. We are currently at year 31 after Xemnas's death.
:bulletblack: Organization XIII was destroyed by Sora, Riku, and Axel. Thus, they are not here.
:bulletblack: According to our storyline, other Organization clubs exist alongside us, in the same timeframe.
:bulletblack: We live in Memory's Skyscraper. Not in the Castle that Never Was or Castle Oblivion.
Founded 10 Years ago
Nov 28, 2007

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