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Organization Eternal - May 2013

Journal Entry: Wed May 1, 2013, 6:52 PM

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:pointl:Organization Eternal:pointr:
You cannot kill what does not exist.

Please read through our journals prior to joining.
Comments requesting entry will be denied.  Notes only.

~-~-~-~-~-~ NEWS ~-~-~-~-~-~

:bulletblue: 5/1/13 - Alright, Eternalites, welcome to the month of May. Sad news for this month's edit. Our founder and leader Leung (and by extension, Raxen) has left Organization Eternal due to too many time constrictions with school and career. In terms of canon, Raxen went back to his own world and left Xiron in charge. Farewell to you, it was wonderful to have you, and you are of course always welcome back at any time.
:bulletpurple: Meanwhile, I have about 5 projects to work on for school in the next few weeks, so I'm not going to post any events at the moment just because I know I won't be able to do them, so I shouldn't expect you all to either. If you really want an event, let me know, but given the recent level of activity, I doubt it. I hope to see some more activity in June, though, with summer coming on and people having some more free time. I should hopefully get some new ideas up soon as well as getting the EXP updated.  Keep in the loop, Eternalites, let me know if there's anything you want to see happen!

~-~-~-~-~-~ CONTESTS & EVENTS ~-~-~-~-~-~

After the events several months ago with Exall, the worlds have stopped putting up with us.  The worlds attacked by the monster Heartless - Montressor Space Port, Metro City, Great Britain, and New York - have a ban against us. And we aren't the most welcome people in the well-traversed worlds that know about us either - Radiant Garden, Traverse Town, Twilight Town, and Olympus.

So, we need to try to fix that.

Your job is to help lower our notoriety by performing some helpful acts around the worlds, or else helping to strengthen our safe havens.  Please choose one of the tasks below to complete by April 20th:
:bulletwhite: Heartless Cleanup - Destroy at least 100 Heartless on the outskirts of one of the four attacked cities. Note that following the major attacks, Heartless on these worlds tend to be bigger and stronger for now.
:bulletwhite: Rebuilding - Head into one of the four attacked cities and help with some construction work.  Rebuilding takes a long time and they're happy with any volunteers.
:bulletwhite: Secure our Bases - Choose one of our three bases (The Tower-TWTNW, The Cafe-Radiant Garden, or the underground base-Olympus) and secure it from Heartless, vandalism, and attack. Check security cameras and systems, clear out local Heartless, and remove traces of our emblem from the area.
:bulletwhite: Trade Routes - Since we're no longer friendly with the Moogles, we need to get our supplies elsewhere until we can get them back. Track down the black market suppliers in Traverse Town and Twilight Town, and make a deal with them. If they need munny, go collect some.
:bulletred: Remember, don't wear your coat or present any Eternal ID. You may run into someone who recognizes you still, so be prepared for hostile encounters.

Ongoing Events

:bulletblue: OE GAME CREATION
As you may have heard, the Superiors are working on creating an RPG based on Organization Eternal!  And we want your help in creating your character as a playable character in it!  See the Contests and Events journal for more information.

:bulletblue: Become the Nobody!
Our on-going cosplay event worth 50 EXP.  See the Events page for more details.

~-~-~-~-~-~ MISSIONS ~-~-~-~-~-~

| Missions Center |
| [Central Hub] | [Advanced Hub] |

:bulletwhite:[Central Hub] Mission 5 updated to include Atlantis as a world form! Those who did not participate in the Atlantis even will now receive credit for this world form.  Those who did will automatically be given credit for this mission.
:bulletgreen:[Advanced Hub] Mission 32 added!  This mission is considered canon and members may use secondary characters to complete it if they wish.
:bulletwhite:Temporary Mission Available!

Mission – Recrowning the Kings

Though much of the crystal was restored and some balance returned to Atlantis, all is not yet well. The Heart of Atlantis remains incomplete.  Several crystal shards were not returned yet and need to be retrieved.  Any volunteers to help us take out the remaining bosses and return the shards would be appreciated.  There are five crystal shards on five different worlds, meaning five volunteers will be needed to defeat five different enemies.  You will be given a crystal pendant temporarily for your quest in order to track it down.  Good luck.

-For this mission, we require a slightly higher level of work.  At least 2 full pages [written] are required and we urge you to exceed this.  Otherwise, we need a piece with a full background or a 5-panel comic [drawn].  It will otherwise be the same as Part 4 of the Atlantis Event.

-Please request one and only one of the following worlds to travel to for this mission, if you would like to participate:
:pointr:Treasure Planet -…
:pointr:Port of New Orleans -… *Reclaimed by Xanecirge
:pointr:Corona - *Reclaimed by Xyal
:pointr:The Grid -…
:pointr:Twilight Town -

:pointr: EXP: 35

:bulletwhite: Coming Soon: Mission Badges!

Please read our journals before attempting to join.
Do not comment requesting to join.  Send us a note with your completed Character Sheet, or with any questions you may have.
Thank you.

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